White Desert Safari Tour Egypt

White Desert Egypt /3 days - 2 night from cairo to white desert camp

Western Desert of Egypt

  • OF course the cherry on top of the activities Multiple days in the Western Desert of Egypt  Full Camping . Spending the night in a Million Star hotel is such an amazing experience of Western Desert tours .
  • Maghawry Diab, an Egyptian hydrologist and environmental expert, explains the distinction of this desert by saying: “This desert was formed about 80 million years ago, as that region represents the seabed that covered that region in that time period, and the white desert is unique in the presence of the karst phenomenon, which is a phenomenon  Ancient geology formed over the centuries many caves that shrank due to erosion factors, leaving only crystals of calcite ore in the form of stalagmites (high areas), and with shapes with peaks called “crow’s nest”, and the lower part of them consists of white chalk, which is found  It has invertebrate fossils and shark teeth, and the chalky rocks reflect the marine sedimentation environment, as well as the geological formations that date back to the Paleocene era and there are remains of fossilized trees and perennial acacia trees. This is indeed the area like an open museum of the desert, fossils and wildlife, besides the beauty of the sand dune landscapes and the geological formations of the bright limestone rocks  The whiteness and its distinct fossils
  •  The place is about 500 kilometers southwest of Cairo, and only a few tourists visit it individually, either with the aim of hunting or with the aim of enjoying the charming and unique scenery.  A visit there takes place only with a guide from the Bedouins of the region who know its paths and mysteries, and benefit from some money in return for providing their services and renting their four-wheel-drive cars to the incoming tourists.

White Desert Safari in Egypt

  • The White Desert Safari in Egypt is an amazing experience that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. Located in the Western Desert of Egypt, this unique landscape is filled with stunning white chalk formations and vast sand dunes as far as the eye can see. The safari takes visitors on a journey through this surreal terrain, allowing them to explore its beauty while learning about its history and culture along the way. 
  • The tour begins near Farafra Oasis where travelers are introduced to their guide who will take them through various activities such as camel riding across sand dunes or exploring ancient ruins like those found at Ain El-Gazala site located nearby. During these excursions, guests also get a chance to observe local wildlife such as desert foxes and gazelles living amongst these remarkable surroundings before heading back into town for lunch or dinner at one of many restaurants offering traditional Egyptian cuisine. 
  • At nightfall, visitors can witness some of nature’s most spectacular displays under starlit skies from atop towering sand dunes while listening stories told by Bedouin guides about life in this harsh but beautiful environment; truly making it an unforgettable experience! From sunrise till sunset there’s something new around every corner during your White Desert Safari adventure – so come prepared for surprises!

Black and White Desert Tour From Cairo

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 / Bahariya Oasis To White Desert

  • We will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo about 6 am to Bahariya oasis then arrived our lunch time have the lunch and start by jeep car safari tour to visit the Black Desert  – and we will continue by 4×4 off-road desert from  – Crystal Mountain – to explore Dunes of-  El Agabat – beautiful landscape middle of the Desert and we will start to make the Bedouin campsite middle of the sand Dune than will cook our dinner around campfire .

Day - 2 / Camping In El Agabat Desert

  • After the sunrise have breakfast and will start from sand dunes to visit the  Magic Springs –  Big ValleySmall Valley – and will have lunch and will start to go explore the New White Desert and have a beautiful sunset than will start to make the a Bedouin campsite and will have dinner around the campfire.  

Day - 3 / Camping In New White Desert

  • After the sunrise have breakfast and will start to visit the   Old White Desert   we will come to baharyia oasis have the lunch and  drop you off in same hotel Cairo .

Our service

  • Well arrange for you a private tent for sleep including the Mattresses -Blankets – Sleeping bag
    • pick up /drop off in address Cairo 
    • Jeep car safari tour 
    • 6  meals 
    • Fruit, hot and soft drinks
    • Mineral water during the tour . 


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