White Desert Camel Trip

  • The White Desert camel trip is an unforgettable experience. Located in the heart of Egypt’s Western Desert, it offers a unique opportunity to explore one of the world’s most beautiful and remote landscapes. From Cairo, visitors can take a short flight or drive into the desert for an overnight stay at a local Bedouin camp before embarking on their journey by camel. The two-day trek will take travelers through stunning sand dunes with views of distant mountains and oases along the way. 
  • During this trek, visitors have plenty of time to admire nature’s beauty while learning about traditional Bedouin culture from experienced guides who are knowledgeable about both history and ecology in this region. Alongside camels that carry supplies such as food and water, travelers also get to witness wildlife including foxes, hares, lizards and even gazelles if they’re lucky! Visitors may even be able to spot some rare species like Nubian Ibex during their journey too! 
  •   After spending two days exploring these vast deserts under starry night skies filled with millions upon millions twinkling stars above them; guests will then return back refreshed after having gained invaluable insight into life in one of Egypt’s oldest settlements – all whilst enjoying breathtakingly beautiful scenery along every step taken throughout this remarkable adventure!  
  • Overall ,the White Desert Camel Trip is truly an amazing experience that no traveler should miss out on when visiting Egypt . It provides not only spectacular sights but also knowledge about ancient cultures which makes it worth remembering for years ahead !