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  • Vast areas of white limestone, in which winds and natural factors carved sculptures and formations that the artist’s hand is unable to make, some of which suggest things you know to you (such as the Sphinx, for example, but with a sheep’s head), and others defy the laws of nature (such as a huge rocky mass that rises diagonally, and has  a weak base without falling off, defying the law of gravity).  In some places, a thin layer of white lime covers the desert sands, making it seem to you that you are in front of a snowy winter scene, despite the blazing heat of the sun.  Then, soon, soft sand appears in front of you, to which the wind added a magical touch, making it look like the waves of the sea.  Not far from the White Desert, there is the Black Desert, which is a volcanic area covered with dark stones, and tourists often want their program to include visiting the two contrasting regions.
  • Suddenly a nice visitor appears on you, it is a white desert fox with long ears and a delicate nose, looking for food to eat.  The fox used to visit places passed by tourists because it often finds something to eat.
  • Our Safari Tours to the Western Desert of Egypt offer a unique opportunity to explore a rarely visited corner of the country. We provide all the necessary camping equipment and cooking equipment to make your journey comfortable, and a private 4×4 Jeep Safari to take you through the majestic landscapes of the Western Desert. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventure-filled exploration, our tours provide the perfect balance between relaxation and exploration. We want to make your trip an unforgettable experience that you will never forget.
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